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You can contact me to hire this facility on 07768 843871 or email

My services have, in the last few years, been increasingly in demand as engineer/producer in my substantially upgraded facility, Morden Shoals Studio, where I've worked with a wide range of artistes. I have a beautifully creative light and airy attic space, 20 x 15 feet, overlooking Cannon Hill Common, near Raynes Park, South West London. It is perfect for singer songwriters and I will sympathetically create a new sound for your tracks. Or I can also accommodate a band, though erring towards a lighter, more acoustic feel - not really suitable for full-on death-thrash metal, I only have triple glazing...

I have twenty years experience as a Pro Tools engineer, currently employing a hybrid analogue-digital set-up with high quality microphones including the very special German hand-made Brauner VM1, as well as some AEA and Rode ribbons, plus Neumanns, AT, Sennheiser etc, fed through Neve and Millennia preamps and EQs, alongside valve UAs and Tony Larkins for a warm, natural sound running through the latest Pro Tools software on a 12-core Mac Pro system linked to large external Glyph Firewire hard drives. I also have hundreds of plug-ins: powered UAs, Waves, Sound Toys, Brainworx, and a large samples library. Analogue summing is the important final stage in the chain.

Please see the Studio Gear page for more details or contact me. I can also offer creative production ideas and instrumental arrangements and contributions on an array of intruments, both real and virtual.

In the last few years I have recorded and produced a variety of work, including contributions to John Tams' award-winning albums, debut CD for young roots rock band, Fastlane Roogalator, The Reade String Quartet, a young group from Trinity College, a Turkish/Arabic ensemble, Maawal, radio work for the BBC's Time To Move, and music for Radio 3's drama production of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is The Night. Other projects include work with John Tams on The Radio Ballads for BBC Radio 2, collaboration with Derek Pearce on music for the recent BBC TV film "Marvellous", albums with Home Service, Gryphon, Denise Black's Loose Screw, Catherine Howe and the Ric Sanders Band, Martin Young, As The Crow Flies, Richard Brown (MD RSC), Anthony Ingle, Marianne Segal and The Omega 3 and Zeus.

I particularly welcome and encourage young singers, musicians and writers in all genres to come and gain experience of recording in a low-pressure situation and guarantee satisfaction.

Clients are also provided with a home-made bread and soup lunch if required. Please contact me to discuss booking. My rates are 195 for a 7 hour day, or 35 per hour. Contact me for deals on block bookings!

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