updated 11.2.2012


In July 2011, The Home Service played its first and extaordinarily memorable reunion gig after 25 years, at the Half Moon, Putney,and followed it up with a rip-roaring series of appearancesat major festivals throughout the summer. We were then nominated in two categories - Best Live Act and Best Group - for BBC Radio 2's Folk Awards. And on February 8th, 2012, we walked away with the award for BEST LIVE ACT!!

We have more gigs coming up later in year.

Here is the current gig list.


Also you can see a brief excerpt from the 3rd July gig, albeit it slightly shaky, here, and plenty more on YouTube...

A new album, entitled Cambridge Folk Festival in 1986 by Doug Beveridge, our stalwart soundman, has now been released by Fledg'ling Records.
I edited the tapes in my studio and we are extremely pleased with the results.




I have been busying myself with a couple more new projects in the recent months. One is called The Loose Screw, with sweet new pal, singer/actress Denise Black. We work as a duo, trio, or a 4-piece band

Listen to some tracks from our new album, First Fourteen, and watch us on YouTube:

1. City People

2. Feels Like Home

3 Old Fashioned Girl

4. Grow Too Old

5. Song For Jerry

6. I Only Wanna Be With You

7. You Are My Sunshine & Blokes

8. Parting Shot


Contact me to purchase a copy of the album, or order from Dress Circle.




The other project is a four-piece unit called Zeus, with Tom Leary (fiddle), Dave Lambert (of Strawbs fame - guitar, vocals) and favourite bassist, Jon Davie. We did our debut gig (minus Dave) at the Earl's Court Beer Festival - a great event - in August 08, and a superb debut with Dave at the recent Strawbs 40th annual reunion gig at Twickenham Rugby Ground. More to come!




Also check out Big Sun, the new album I recorded with The Green House Band, which is either available direct from me or as a download from iTunes.

From September 2010-January 2011 I was playing lots of bouzouki in a show called
Onassis, at The Novello Theatre on the Aldwych, starring the great Robert Lindsay as the Greek tycoon.

Last March I took part in a production of Macbeth at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the first there ever to feature electric guitar. Ebows, heavy distortion and multiple delay all added to the Double Bubble, Toil and Trouble... What a racket!!! It made a comeback in March 2011. If you happened to be out in The United Arab Emirates in the second half of March, you may have caught me on tour in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, from where I have just returned. Great fun!


Gryphon's reunion gig at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, on London's South Bank on Saturday June 6th, was a huge success. Watch out for a full report here soon. We performed material from the first two albums, in a largely acoustic format with the original four members, Richard Harvey, Brian Gulland, Dave Oberlé and myself, plus Jon Davie on bass, and long-term friend of the band, Graham Preskett assisting on an assortment of instruments.


The first work has commenced at Cannon Hill Studio for a new Gryphon album! It was indeed an auspicious day, the 11th February, when I made the first vocal recordings with Dave Oberlé on my rather serious new piece, Blood Runs Cool (working title). It was a great, creative and productive day with which we were both very pleased: the first of many, we trust...
Now Jon Davie has added some low notes, and I've coloured in a few guitar lines and chords, and the track is really beginning to fly.
Richard Harvey has discovered some 2" master tapes from the late 70s, which have been baked and digitised. Together with my contributions, these tracks could form the basis of the new album.

Recording continued recently of new arrangements of old tracks to be included in a forthcoming release.

There is a new interview with me, which you might like to look at, very well written by Clive Harvey, for Suite 101.





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