1973 Various Artists/Guitar Workshop: Guitar

1978 Various Artists/The Vintage Years of the Transatlantic Best of English Folk Vol 5

1979 Various Artists/Guitar Masterclass: ?

1980 Spencer's Alternative/Mumbo Jumbo: Guitar

1983 Albion Band/Lark Rise to Candleford: Guitar, Keyboards

1988 Jamie Marshall: Even The Strongest Hearts: Electric Guitar

1989 Richard Harvey/Evening Falls: Guitar

1989 John B. Spencer Band/Break & Entry: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Arranger

1990 John B. Spencer's Parlour Games/Parlour Games: Banjo, Mandolin, Harmony Vocals, Classical Guitar

1990 The Albion Band/Songs from the Shows: Guitar

1991 John B. Spencer's Parlour Games/Sunday Best: Banjo, Mandolin, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano

1991 John B Spencer/Judas & The Obscure: Guitar, Harmony Vocals, Piano

1991 The Albion Band/Songs from the Shows 2: Guitar

1991 Gryphon/The Collection: Guitars, Keyboards, Recorder, Vocals, Arranger, Composer

1995 Gryphon/The Collection II: Guitars, Keyboards, Recorder, Vocals, Arranger, Composer

1996 John B. Spencer/Left Hand Of Love

1998 Gryphon/Ethelion: Guitars, Composer, Arranger

1998 Various Artists/The Transatlantic Story: Guitars

1999 Various Artists/Best Of English Folk: Acoustic Guitar, Harpsichord

2000 Martin Young/When I Find My Wings: Guitar, Producer

2002 Martin Young/The Climbing Boy: Guitar, Keyboards, Enginneer, Producer

2002 Shirley Collins/Within Sound: Electric Guitar

2003 Gryphon/Glastonbury Carol: Guitar, Mandolin, Composer, Arranger

2011 Home Service /Live '86: Guitar, Backing Vocals

2016 Home Service/A New Ground





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